Composer Collider

The Composer Collider programme is based on the scholarly exchange between the young composers, the musicians and the professor with the goal of creating new compositions. The participating universities have each seleced four young composers, who each have begun work on a new composition. An initial get-together with musical consultations is an ideal opportunity to become acquainted with each other, exchange initial ideas and to experiment with the Spielbar format. There are  58 workshop-rehearsals and 6 concerts to develop and present the compositions. There will furthermore be 10 public Spielbar workshops.

The outstanding qualities of the participating universities and their professors ensure that the selected composers have the ideal prerequisites for collaboration with the first class musicians of Ensemble Musikfabrik. The composers will not only profit from the work with their professors, but also be able to receive pratical and aesthetic feedback from musicians whose daily mission is to give life to contemporary composition.