spielBar works

As some spielBar workshops could not take place due to the Corona pandemic, videos were created that reflect the spielBar compositions of the composers on an aesthetic level. More information about the spielBar concept can be found here:

Sara Zamboni

Sara Zamboni – composer
Janet Sinica – video realisation
Melvyn Poore – artistic director spielBar project

At the core of Sara Zamboni’s musical game Aggregation is the concept of coming together. In the live performance people are given cards containing information about their initial movements and sounds. The participants move freely in the space, run into each other, form groups, performing for and teaching each other, inventing and varying new material according to simple rules. The goal is to derive, from a group of individuals, a collective entity that is able to communicate non-verbally and learn from its own experience. The first visual idea that came to Sara’s mind was the raindrops that splash on a window and the more it rains the more they form little streams. This concept is realized in the form of water dripping onto glass, forming larger pools, which, as they combine with each other, eventually begin to flow. It is left to the viewer’s imagination how the droplets finally become streams and rivers, before – following the nature of the water cycle – reaching the ocean.